Patient Testimonials

" The whole experience was very good and Dr parson offers an excellent service. I am having another implant with him shortly. 5 star recommendation ."

CM – February 2017

" The treatment was complex and lengthy but it was very worthwhile.  The outcome has been tremendous.  The procedure was fully explained before and during the treatment.  I knew that I could ask about any concerns.  I am very happy to recommend Dr Parson and would have this treatment again. "

SR – February 2017

" Dr Parson is very pleasant and respectful at all times.  He was professional and articulate and I would give him 10/10. "

P Smith – February 2017

" I received very professional treatment.  Dr Parson is very calm, professional and knowledgeable.  I have already told my friends and would highly recommend. "

JJ – April 2017

" The whole process was very well explained and I felt totally reassured.  Very pleased with the new tooth.  Neeraj explained in detail every detail of the procedure and he was very gentle.  Highly recommended. "

KH – May 2017

" My overall experience was very good.  Dr Parson is a very good implant dentist.  I would recommend him. "

LP – March 2017

" The whole experience was good – Dr Parson is the best and I would definitely recommend him to others. "

CD – April 2017

" The treatment took a little while but the outcome was worth the wait!  Neeraj is a very caring and considerate dentist.  He takes his time ensuring to get things just right. As the implant was one of my front teeth it was really important to manage the gap which he achieved very well, and I would not hesitate to recommend treatment with him. "

JB – April 2017

" Very good experience – fully informed throughout.  Dr Parson was fantastic.  Very confident and put me at ease about the procedure.  Clearly very knowledgeable and gave good advice.  I have already recommended him to others. "

J Hampton – August 2015

" Completely satisfied.  Everything went exactly as explained to me.  Brilliant treatment was received all the way through the treatment plan which went exactly as proposed.  I have already recommended to many people. "

M Fower – January 2015

" Every care was taken to make sure I was comfortable and happy with all stages of the implant treatment, for which I was happy.  I have been very happy with the kindness of all staff.  Neeraj has been wonderful, talking me through everything.  He has made sure that my end result is the best it can be.  I am very happy with the results, and would not hesitate in recommending Dr Parson to anyone who needs this kind of treatment. "

L Carpenter – June 2015

" I have been happy with my treatment as a whole.  Dr Parson has been professional throughout and has completed a difficult implant treatment for me.  I would recommend him. "

CJ – November 2014

" The treatment was well explained through each stage and efficiently done to ensure the best outcome.  Dr Parson was keen to get the best result for me.  He explained treatment and decisions at each stage and I felt fully supported.  I would recommend Dr Parson. "

S Payne – October 2015

" The treatment as a whole was excellent.  Dr Parson is very thorough and professional.  I would recommend. "

M Dixon – June 2014

" The whole process from start to finish was very efficient and easy, fully explained at every stage and the end result totally satisfactory.  He was “perfect”.  I would recommend with absolutely no hesitation. "

A Smith – May 2015

" A very good experience.  I felt guided every step of the way.  Each session felt very comfortable.  I understood the time frame needed for successful treatment.  It is very important to have someone who knows your circumstances and I felt Dr Parson was committed to my care.  As my implant dentist he was very careful, technically brilliant, explained everything very carefully.  The end result looks and feels like a real tooth.  I would unreservedly recommend Dr Parson. "

CS – October 2015

" Excellent dentist, I would recommend. "

IH – February 2016

" Very good, all well explained and looks great.  He was really good and I felt very relaxed and always knew what was happening, everything was made clear.  I would definitely recommend. "

MS – December 2015

" It was a very pleasant experience and the whole process went well.  Dr Parson was very competent and approachable.  I would recommend Dr Parson to others.
Very comfortable treatment at every appointment.  Very nice person – if there is a better dentist, I don’t know where he is.  Would recommend to everyone. "

D Rebbeck – May 2016

" Having the implant was well worth doing.  The dentist was excellent – caring – explained everything clearly.  I would undoubtedly recommend Dr Parson to anyone wanting this treatment. "

R Clarke – July 2013

" Very good treatment, I was told everything in advance – timings, quality of the implants and overall price. Dr Parson made me feel relaxed, he was attentive and was mindful of my needs. Very friendly and professional.  I would recommend this treatment and Dr Parson. "

A Dwyer – Sept 2013

" Both implant procedures went very smoothly and with the final result being extremely comfortable and effective.  Dr Parson was excellent.  He was confident and extremely skilled throughout, with a very caring attitude.  I would definitely recommend. "

J Houghton – July 2015

" A very professional, friendly experience from all staff involved.  Throughout my treatment I was made to feel at ease, everything was explained in full.  I’m very happy with the treatment.  I would recommend Dr Parson to anyone looking to have implants. "

C Weller – August 2015

" A very good experience.  Dr Neeraj Parson was very professional and good with all the detail of work.  He explains as he goes along.  I would recommend to others. "

S McGuiness – February 2014

" The whole treatment was very professionally done.  A very good dentist who I would recommend. "

M Stroud – October 2013

" Having avoided the dentist for many years I am now a changed person/patient.  Every part of my treatment was professional and caring.  Dr Parson is amazing, calm, professional and sensitive to any worries that I had.  He was perfect!  I would absolutely recommend Dr Parson to anyone requiring treatment. "

SH – June 2013

Referring Dentist Testimonials

"I have worked with Neeraj for a few years and referred patients to him for implants and complex cosmetic cases.  I have had only positive feedback and praise for his work.  His honest approach at what he can achieve and his thoroughness is reported back to me by my patients and they have all been delighted with the results."

Dr J A Barnes

"Neeraj is a highly skilled professional who takes great care to ensure the smallest details are taken into consideration.  His work is finished to the highest aesthetic standards.  I feel lucky to have Neeraj in our midst and being able to refer patients to him."

Dr Elsje Botes

"Dr Parson is an extremely ethical and experienced professional.  I do not hesitate to refer my patients for implants as I am confident they will have the best outcome possible."

Dr Luiz Vilan

"I am honoured to work with Neeraj Parson since 2008.  He is an excellent dentist having high standards for his work.  His implant treatment shows outstanding care with good cosmetic and good functional results.  He always understands the patients, making them comfortable and showing efficiency and compassion.  He is an Ideal dentist and I would recommend him to any member of my family or friends."

Dr Ana-Maria Bettianu

"I have known and worked with Neeraj for a very long time and all the patients I have referred to him for implants have been very happy with his work.  He is very kind and sympathetic with his patients and also with his colleagues."

Dr Daniela Popovici

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