Full Arch Replacement

When all the teeth are missing in either one or both the jaws, or when all remaining hopeless teeth needs to be extracted, then the following option is available :

Fixed Bridgework

The ideal option for many patients is to have fixed-in-teeth. Four, six or eight dental implants are placed with fixed teeth constructed on the top that are secured in place and not removed. These restorations are the closest possible solution to natural teeth.

There are several ways that these restorations can be constructed and, at Salisbury Implant Centre we can give you advice on all of the possible options and which one might be the most suitable for your situation. It is really important to remember that one size does not fit all in these situations. They can be immediate or two stage.

Immediate Full Jaw teeth

In this treatment multiple implants are placed and the full arch teeth are fixed the same day. These are temporary fixed teeth which are then replaced by a permanent fixed bridge after 4-6 months.

Two stage full Jaw teeth

In this treatment multiple implants are placed but teeth are fixed after 3-4 months. During this time the patient wears dentures.

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