Our Implant Statistics

Dr Parson gets referrals from several Dentists in and around the Salisbury, Amesbury, Tidworth areas. More than 2500 self and clinician referrals have been made to him. We take feedback from all our patients and conduct regular reviews to make sure the Implants placed by us is being maintained well.

Implant success rate
Patient satisfaction
Implant patients who would recommend us to their friends and family
Patients who said they were well informed of the procedure and costs
Patients who were so pleased with their implant that they are happy to allow their reviews to be posted online

Why choose us?

  • We don’t hire part time implant dentists like corporates who might not be there after a few years. Dr Parson has established this centre and is available full time there.
  • We use only the best and highest quality Dental implant brands which are extensively researched, tested and have been around for more than 20 years. You don’t want a cheap implant inserted in your jaws!!
  • We use the best bone graft materials which have been used millions of times all over the world and are well researched for their quality.
  • Our techniques are minimally invasive, innovative and the latest that are being used by leading implant surgeons all over the world.
  • We give a 3 year guarantee on our premium implants and 2 year guarantee on our standard implants which is a testament of their quality and our expertise.
  • We use award winning Lab technicians who are renowned for their amazing work.

Dental Implants - Restoring Quality of Life