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Welcome to Salisbury Dental Implant Centre

Salisbury Implant Centre offers a fully comprehensive dental Implant service to referring dentists and patients in Salisbury and from  surrounding areas including Amesbury, Tidworth, Durrington, Wilton, Fordingbridge etc. Here at Salisbury Implant Centre the dedicated team will ensure that your dental implant journey is a smooth process and when your treatment is completed, you leave as a happy satisfied patient.

Our Implant Salisbury Dentist Dr Neeraj Parson has completed a wide range of post- graduate Diplomas and Masters Degree qualification and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with dental Implants. If you have a missing tooth and are looking for a fixed replacement, come and see us for a free initial no obligation consultation to explore this amazing treatment option.

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Your Implant Options

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth

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Latest technology

Cutting edge technology to give reliable natural results

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3 Year Guarantee

Our dental implants are guaranteed when patients follow our aftercare plan

Why Choose Us

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Biomimetic Implant dentistry

Biomimetic means to mimic nature. Our approach is not just giving you a replacement fixed tooth, but a tooth that is life like in both appearance and function.

We try to recreate the lost tooth with the use of dental implants and bespoke hand crafted crowns which the master technicians spend several hours working on. Each restoration is meticulously made using different layers of porcelain just like the different layers of a natural tooth. The colour, shades, anatomy will be almost exactly like that of the missing tooth.

Once fitted you can smile, eat and chew naturally …….

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Journey of an implant patient

The overview below shows the main steps in an implant treatment case

Initial Consultation

The success of your implant treatment depends on a thorough diagnosis, an individual consultation and a competent dental treatment. You are welcome to have a initial consultation with our implant dentist in salisbury.


The dentist in salisbury determines whether an implant is the right solution by taking X-Ray images and computer tomographs for three-dimensional imaging. One important condition for the treatment is that there is sufficient bone.

Implant Placement

The implant is placed under local anesthesia. A temporary restoration may be placed on the implant during the healing stage. This allows for a natural-looking smile early in the process.


After approximately one week, the stitches are removed. The healing phase will last between two to three months. During this time, diligent oral hygiene is vital in the healing stage of the treatment.

Restoration Placement

The dental laboratory uses an impression to produce the crown, bridge or denture. It will be inserted after the dental implant has healed in.


Just like natural teeth, implants require regular check-ups and conscientious oral hygiene. With appropriate care, the long-term function of implants can be maintained.


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dentist salisbury
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dentist in salisbury

Dental Implants - Restoring Quality of Life